Moab & Red River Photo Paper Review

When To Use MOAB & When To Use Red River

MOAB is part of the Legion Paper family of products, a top North American distributor of fine art papers and museum board sourced from mills around the world, is committed to developing innovative products, such as Entrada Rag, an award winning 100% cotton fine art paper. MOAB is committed to the empowerment of visual thinkers to help them share their inspiration with the world. Red River is known for their large selection of glossy to luxurious fine art roll photo paper and wide format rolls you can buy for inkjet printing. Red River Paper sources roll papers from premium mills and coaters and brings them to you. MOAB vs Red River photo paper is not so much the question, instead which of these fine art brands suits the artist or photographer the best.

When discussing MOAB photo paper, the award winning Entrada Rag is one of the best on the market and a perfect example of the quality standards of the fine art world. MOABs Entrada Rag photo paper is available in 2 different versions, Entrada Rag Natural, and Entrada Rag Bright. Both the Entrada Rag Natural and Bright are neutral PH and acid free so they are archival. The Entrada Rag Bright contains OBA’s (Optical Brightness Agents) in order to provide a paper with a brighter surface to those requiring it for their image. With time the OBA’s in the Entrada Rag Bright will fade into the warmer tone of the Entrada Rag Natural. With this image decay it is important to remember that the paper's durability will remain unaffected as well as the image degradation will depend on how the photo is stored, such as UV exposure, frame, humidity and temperature.

In 2010 Red River Paper introduced metallic inkjet photo paper to the market for the first time. The Polar Gloss Metallic and Polar Luster Metallic papers offer the same benefits as their photo lab equivalents, with images taking on an almost luminescent or iridescent quality. Red River Metallic paper, whether gloss or luster, is more resistant to tearing and curling than other photo papers and are less likely to scratch. Red River also provides multiple options when it comes to Matte Photo Paper, with their best selling being the Red River Polar Matte. This archival matte photo paper has no reflections or surface texture so every detail in your image will be displayed beautifully. With Red Rivers Matte photo paper costing 40-60% less than satin or gloss finished media, while providing amazing detail and color reproductions it's no wonder the 60lb Polar Matte by Red River Paper is one of the best selling on the market.

Deciding which of these papers is best for you truly depends on the type of project as well as the image. Red Rivers Polar Metallic selection would be great for images loaded with detail and saturated colors and rich blacks, providing better contrast. It is also recommended to frame these metallic photo papers without glass, thus exposing them to their environments more. MOABs Entrada Rag Bright is best for those with lighter and brighter images that still wish for high detail to come through on the image, with the bright side being that as the OBA’s fade the image will now be represented on the Entrada Rag Natural paper with warmer notes. The best part is no matter which you select all of these photo papers from MOAB and Red River Paper are considered archival and will last a very long time if they are well cared for.  

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