What is Archival Paper?

Archival paper was invented during the 19th century. Archival paper is a permanent durable acid-free paper. It is acid free with other characteristics required as well. These characteristics are unbleached pulp, no groundwood, limited metallic content, and free from brighteners that are primarily used for whitening your standard paper. The lack of acid and unbleached pulp draws the fine line between acid free paper and archival paper. The material that is typically used is cotton rag or linen.  This type of paper is used mainly in publications that have high legal, historical, or of notable value. It can even be printed on! Archival paper is known to last 1000+ years if properly taken care of. 

What Archival Canson Paper Would You Recommend?

Etchin Rag-

The Etchin Rag is a 100% cotton fine art paper that is smooth textured and ultra fine. This along with its unique grain structure allows this material to provide deep blacks, and remarkable image sharpness and gradation. The unique grains make this material perfect for printing detailed work, color photos, and black and white portraits as well. 

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PhotoSatin -

The PhotoSatin Premium RC professional photo paper is perfect for glare protection when displayed under lights, so more for gallery and display pieces. Its most notable for its color rendition and tonal range. This paper consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with a structured polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer. These qualities allow the paper to hold up to its lifespan expectancy. This would be a great choice for black and white photos. 

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Photographique -

Photographique is a 100% cotton based museum grade white paper that is perfect for fine art photography and printmaking. Due to the incorporation of minerals in the paper process, the smooth white tones surface was achieved. It is currently one of the highest achievable DMAX on the market today.  

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What Archival MOAB Paper Would You Recommend?

Entrada Rag

Entrada Rag is an award winning 100% cotton fine art paper that is best used for printed images that require defined yet subtle texture enhancements. Its natural warm surface makes this product a great alternative for the traditional smooth finish.

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Lasl Photo

Lasal photo paper is perfect for those sharp and vivid images. It is ideal for gallery and exhibit style portraits. It is also great for your everyday photographic paper as well. 

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The Importance of Archival Paper, And Is It Worth It?

Archival is most notable for decreasing the speed of aging process that comes along with the chemical compounds of most papers. It is known to last for decades at the least. When compared to acidic paper, the aging process decreased significantly.  Archival paper is also known for being able to readily absorb ink as well. This is museum grade material that has preserved some of the most notorious pieces of art to date. Not only does it have great preservation rates, but it also has its effects on the textures and gradients of the pieces as well. Try it, you might like it.

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