Desert Varnish Spray 40ml

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Product Details
Brand: MOAB

Desert Varnish Spray 40ml Sold By SK Creatives


  • Lacquer-based Spray
  • Improves Water-Fastness
  • Adds UV- and Scratch-Protection
  • Easy to Apply
  • Doubles the Life of the Print
  • Estimated coverage 60 A4 prints w/ 2 Light Coats
  • Dries quickly

Word from the Manufacturer

Scratches, fingerprints, scuffing ... all threats to your prints. We designed the Desert Varnish Spray to help eliminate these threats while enhancing the surface of the paper. So pass a print to someone without fear. Let someone turn through your pages without any evidence that they were there. Desert Varnish Spray has you covered.

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