Velin Museum Rag

Size: 17" x 50'
GSM: 315
Sale price$183.23


Brand: Canson

The Velin has been selected throughout the centuries as the material of choice for a range of traditional techniques including intaglio etchings, lithographs, by world-renowned artists. Now available to the artist looking to produce their work as a digital reproduction, Canson® Infinity includes Velin, a 100% cotton, traditional mold-made paper with a unique felt-marked, fine-grain surface and structure.

Word from the Manufacturer

The Velin has been chosen throughout the centuries to make lithographs, intaglio etchings, aqua fortis etchings and collotypes by world-renowned artists. Canson® Infinity Velin Museum Rag is now available on the market for digital art and photography printing.

This paper is naturally age-resistant and has a unique fine-grained, smooth surface and structure and offers a pure white tone without OBAs. It is ideal for sophisticated photographs and museum-grade applications, as well as fine Art printmaking.

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